Bit Heroes Hack No Survey Tool

Bit Heroes the new gaming app in the industry catching attention of all game lovers. So definitely all those people needs this Bit Heroes hack no survey to get free gold , gems and unlimited stamina in the game Bit Heroes mobile. Below you can see the screenshot of the general Bit Heroes game on your device without any hack tool with it.

Bit Heroes Hack Features:

  • Add unlimited gems
  • Add unlimited gold
  • Unlimited stamina whenever needed
  • Compatible with all Android and iOS devices.
  • Can connect to your device by either bluetooth or Wi-fi or USB cable
  • Works with all versions of android above 4
  • Randomized IP address to be safe for using many times a day
  • Bit Heroes regular updates itself
  • No jailbreak required
  • Anti-ban and proxy system included


How to use Bit Heroes hack no survey tool:

  • Download Bit Heroes gold hack from the link provided , this is no survey link. So this should not be a problem.
  • Install the hack tool for Bit Heroes mobile on your device either on the PC or on the device which you have the game installed.
  • Now you may see the screenshot of the working Hack tool as above if everything is done correctly.
  • Choose your device either android or iOS
  • If your game is not on the same device connect it with any means available  bluetooth or wi-fi or using a data cable.
  • Now you can either login with Facebook id with Bit Heroes or you may give your mail id of google play or iTunes.
  • Click on connect button. Done you are ready to use this Bit Heroes mobile hack no survey tool.
  • Select the amount of gems , gold , stamina and all other things required and click on Start hack.
  • After Bit Heroes Cheat finishing successfully the below screenshot is displayed.


Everything is done. Now simply restart the game and see all the free Bit Heroes gold , gems and stamina added to it.  Enjoy playing Bit Heroes game using this Bit Heroes hack tool.

Bit Heroes tool is absolutely free and it costs nothing. A basic internet connection and this tool can finish the job. Every thing on how to use the app is self explanatory. But as we receive many requests from users about this tool. If you get any bugs or errors then feel free to contact us through the contact page here.


How To Level Up in Clash Royale

One of the latest and greatest online games is Clash Royale. It has become very popular lately and
many people have started playing it more competitively lately. For those who
have not started playing Clash Royale yet, but have looked into it, there is much
to learn. This game is a free game that can be played on a computer, tablet, or
mobile phone. There are parts of the game that have players collect different
cards, defend different sectors of their game, and battle other players in mass
player tournaments. Many of the players do not know how to level up though.
There’s a clash royale hack to take in order to do so and to do it rather quickly.


Leveling Up

Part of leveling up also means that players will get some of the best cards in the game. Many of
the experts that play this game say that the best way to level up is to collect
cards that are also at higher levels. So basically, you should be collecting as
many cards as possible. By doing so, you have more of a chance to level up. By
getting more cards, you are gaining much more experience in the game and this
increases not only your level, but the amount of gold coins you get. Everything
seems to be a cycle, so the more cards you get, the more experience, and so on.

There is a part of this game where you can donate to other players. This is another way that you can
gain experience and you can also get more gold. In the game, there are also
specific tasks or achievements that you have to accomplish. By accomplishing
all of them, you will gain more experience and quickly. Set goals for yourself
when you are playing the game. Once you start adding these goals, you will
begin to level quicker and quicker.

Should you Spend Money on Gems?

Many Clash Royale fans say that the easiest way to level up is by buying gems. If you truly have the
money to spend on gems, by all means, you should. However, if you just want to
play a free game, buying gems is not exactly the best way to go. If you can
just collect cards and gold, that should be enough to get you to a higher level.
If you do want to get more gems, logging in everyday will give you a much
better chance at doing so.

If you want to get really good at Clash Royale, there are definitely ways to do so. By playing the
game regularly, you can accomplish many of the goals and tasks that will help
you to become really good at this game. The better you become, the higher
levels you can unlock. If you feel like you need to spend money to buy gems,
this can bring a bit more excitement to the game, but it is not at all
necessary unless you feel that it is.

How much will iOS 7 updates be beneficial to iphone users?

How-much-will-iOS-7-updates-be-beneficial-to-iphone-usersA very stringent question arises in the minds of iPhone users as the iOS keeps on updating itself at a rapid pace. The recent launch of iOS 7.0.3 came with its own problems for iPhone, iPad and iPod owners. The iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini and iPod touch fifth-generation also got the update with a new look and amazing features but brought some bugs along with it. The day since iOS7 emerged, people are concerned with the bugs in the software and due to that, there has been constant updates in it.

iOS 7.0.2 was brought in the market for managing lock screen issue. As this issue was settled, another one sprung up. And that was of iMessage service and the issue raised by the teachers to monitor the usage of students. Fixes were promised for these issues and were tackled in the latest update of iOS that is iOS 7.0.3.

But the story doesn’t end over here. As soon as this release was made, several complaints were heard from numerous iPhone and iPad owners with Apple’s brand new iOS update. And these users are expecting the release of further updates of iOS 7.0.4 or iOS 7.1. Till now, it has never happened that consequently Apple has released 3 updates in a row. After iOS 6 release, there was a release of iOS 6.1 directly. Apple fixes some of the bugs and iOS x.1 has been the direct update till now, unlike the case in iOS 7.

There is no doubt in stating that iOS 7 is a huge change in the iOS history, being also a software update for mobile devices. When these are put together, you have a cookbook for bugs and that is the main reason for several iOS 7 updates after its release.

iOS 7.1 Update Features

With the arrival of iOS 7.1, there will be many new functionalities on board. It has been the record that every year, Apple loves to use its iOS x.1 updates. They plan some enhancements to iPhone and iPad users, which they can carry over into the new year. A number of issues has been found inside iOS 7.0.3, which means that iPhone and iPad users’ expectations will be tempered. Apple has not at all stopped working on fixes for some of iOS 7′s issues, but it’s rushing for it iOS x.1 release.

Warning for the iPhone-iOS-7 updates

Parallex effect found inside iOS 7 has made people crazy and it is a possibility that many tweaks can be found in iOS 7.1. Calender complaints are also found in it. iOS 7.1 will try to eliminate some of the bugs that iPhone and iPad owners have been complaining about but still, don’t expect to solve every issue with the update. It is nearly impossible that a piece of software will be released that takes care of everything. For example, Wi-Fi issues has been found in iOS 6 and are prevalent in iOS 7 and nothing has been done to solve them.

iOS 7.1 and its further updates may prove to be a fantastic update, but along with that, it should deliver enhancements to features already on board iOS 7.

You can share your opinions here by posting your comments.

Thank You.

How to make your mobile content user friendly in 7 steps

The current trend is such that there are 4 mobile phones compared to 1 laptop or desktop. People go online through their cell phones more as compared to personal computers. Hence, this is the year by which business owners are in a rush to create and publish mobile friendly content to expand their businesses and this is the reason why designers need to look at the content they need to present on a mobile (or responsive) site.

Many times situations arise in designing where adjustments need to be made for content to be fitted in the design.


Here, we give some easy to follow steps that you can use to shape text content for mobile devices. They are:

1. Textual content can be broken

Our experts take a complete text piece and have the expertise to cut it or end it at specific points so that it can fit to various mobile devices. But this is not as simple as it looks. You need to involve a writer for making your content mobile friendly. It needs to be broken in many formats:

  • You need breakable content that should remain logical whether it be a teaser of 20 words or a mini post of 120 words.
  • There should be breakable headlines and titles, which can be comprise of 2-3 words or it can be made of 2 parts, i.e: “Editing images: Cropping and resizing basics”.
  • Our creative team is also very careful how to break the paragraphs that breaks the content into small and easy to digest paragraphs using bullet points, numbered lists, proper line spacing, informative subheadings and highlighted text.
  • Create breakable stories by creating chunks of text, careful text content construction, so users can decide whether to keep reading or not.

Our content writers build paragraphs extremely carefully & construct the story which can create a smaller, punchier and informative post for a certain device.

2. Keep textual content short and simple

Mobile devices have very small screens compared to desktops and so it becomes tough for users to view long textual content because of which they do not navigate in the whole site and leave it very soon. Make your text content small by putting the most relevant content first and then if you have extra space, go with more information. Important points should be highlighted and big fonts should be used such that users can read the content without having to zoom in.


3. Number of images can be reduced

Avoid adding large contents and replacing content with text as it works only if user wants to view it from desktops and not advisable for mobile content. Extremely large files including images, infographics, graphs, take a huge amount to load on mobile devices having limited bandwidth. Also the large images are difficult to view, scroll and navigate which can irritate your users and will drive them away from your stores.

4. Reduce size of images

Keep one thing in mind that mobile screens do not have the same resolution as personal computers and hence high resolution images on desktops may not fit on mobile devices. The quality of the images can be badly impacted.

5. Flash components should be removed

Compatibility with mobile devices is must and flash animation, video and navigation content are not at all compatible with mobile devices. They work well with desktop devices but on mobile devices they can destroy the user’s experience with the online content. Mobile friendly HTML5 rich media content can be used to create rich media content. Apple and Google has also stopped Flash compatibility in all their devices

6. Make video content more mobile-friendly

Video content is a helpful tool that allows companies to build personal relationships between readers and customers. However flash should not be used for it. Use Custom CSS and HTML5 to resize videos automatically to fit on any device

7. Include mobile plug-ins

People can engage easily with the content of their mobile devices with the plug-ins of mobile devices available on the Internet. One such mobile plug-in is WPTouch used for publishing content on WordPress. hack.

If apart from the above tips, you have any more you can surely tell us about them in the comments. You can also contact us to develop such mobile friendly text content for your site.

How to make a long term mobile strategy

8-Steps-to-a-long-term-Mobile-StrategyOutlook of Ecommerce is adequately changed by smart phones. The owners having online business with the lack of mobile commerce capabilities are missing out their numbers of sales.  Organizations are putting their efforts in order to meet the demands for mobile and compete with the sites which have already incorporated mobile commerce with their sites. But many of them are rushing before mobile without realizing that success depends upon planning and choosing the right strategy for standing in a long term in market. If you don’t have implemented the strategy and want to incorporate mobile commerce with your site, you should consider following steps to plan in a right direction and construct a better one.

To understand the key operations in a better way before planning to support mobility, get all IT leaders and business together in a same platform.

Key drivers:
The collaborated group must define the problems that can be occurred while working on the mobile commerce. Before enabling any application, one must enlist the advantages of it. If it will be able to make positive changes in some of the factors of business like revenue, profit, efficiency, then only one should start to make an attempt.

Due Diligence:
Before enabling any plans for application, information must be investigated to identify which content is actually needed to engage customers. You can prepare checklist to verify each of the requirement that can be included and then follow priority wise to finish each one. This is the step that can be implemented before enabling app for mobile commerce.

Prioritize devices:
One you have defined an application, you need to focus on which devices you intend to support. First step to this can be implemented by surveying your target audience and the technology they are using. It will affect many factors like the environment or region you are focusing on, the trend or choice of devices there, the support of OS with the device etc.

You should plan to integrate the mobile system with your business, how it will effect when deployed and what are the changes that can be accepted from the integration. Mobile management strategy should be evaluated by means of content, application and device management.

Integrating mobile commerce must ensure that the data will remain secured. You should analyze different methodologies to incorporate security with the system. The methodologies can include data encryption and device detection.

Development approach:
Technology serves as a backbone of mobile initiative and you should determine scalable development approach that can fit and fulfill all your requirements. Check for the various availability of development that best fits your business needs and define pros and cons of them to pick one from it.

Analyzing and evaluating all the steps, define which apps you need to build and create mobile app strategy roadmap according to that. Targeting the goal, incorporate strategies that will be more fruitful to you. Re-evaluate and revisit your roadmap for the fixed period of time.

You will need to have a long term mobile strategy with the iterative approach to remain competitive in the market. Set the goals aligned from decent mobile goals, targeted audience and budget. For consistent experience in mobile channel, build a phased mobile roadmap, leverage as much with the current technology and keep project moving. Build good user experience with utilizing tools. Creating dynamic plans are important as they can be updated on regular basis.  If you also have any mobile strategy, tell us which components you are including and how often you are updating the strategy. Do comment to suggest and encourage us.

How to Boost your App Downloads in Google Play Store

Increase-App-Downoad-in-Android-Play-StoreAndroid users are increasing day by day and use of them as well. Today mobile phones are not just used for communication purposes but they have become need for us. To automate each of our tasks and to have fun in leisure, lots of apps are available. You have also build an app with the design for you’re proud of, app works well on every device you tested, no competition resembles in your niche. Finally your android app is published on play store, is this over? Actually not. We all want our app to be perform well and get numerous downloads. Checking after some days, it seems I tiny number of downloads, why? Let’s have look, what are the strategy you need to implement to maximize downloads of your app.

1. Brief yet impressive description:
Spend enough time in preparing the description for your app as it is going to target the audience worldwide. Write catchy and perceptible description covering every single information about your app. It can be localized in most possible languages. Find most appropriate keywords with your app and try to use them in your description to get into search results.

2. Be honest:
Frankly declare about the permissions your app will be requesting upon installation. Before the users see them, it’s better to be honest form the beginning. You need to specify the functional requirement, OS or platform compatibility to make people before they download.

3. Chronicle video of your app:
Rather making a marketing video, take a time to make 2-3 minutes video that demonstrates the basic work-flow of your app. Show what your app is all about and possible include subtitles for the local language or common international language. It will definitely do wonders to your downloads.

4. Blowout CPI campaigns:
Most of the play store will showcasing first 50 apps on the first page, what about others? If your app is not listing in tops, Making use of CPI campaigns would be proven worth. You will pay a specific amount to your advertiser for each download. This tactic is not for making positive returns, but it will pull you to top 50. The effect will surely your money’s worth.

5. Offers and discounts:
Offer you app for free or with discount for the period of time to make people aware and addicted for your app once after they download. Providing this type of occasional sales, offers and discounts will drive people to download.

6. Analysis users:
After all, you are targeting the users. You need to keep eyes on numbers of active users, their behavior from download to deletion in order to make numbers higher. Multi-app would be a nice option for analysis to give the ability to compare.

7. Real-life images:
Give you users a clean, crisp and professional picture of your app. Try to use real life images that have abilities to convince more compared to screenshots. Yet you can include the the screenshots to guide them how to use.

8. Be social:
This is the obvious step that can’t be missed by you. Let people know about your app by use most popular social networks. Create a Facebook page, twitter account and Google+ page that is totally dedicated to your app. Tweet and share about it especially when you upgrade the app or release a new version.

9. Update your app regularly:
A great way to maximize users or revive the older ones is to provide refresh on regular basis. It helps re-listing and making it in front of potential users. Update apps with new features, graphics, better description, cover images, banners and compatible with updated OS. Regular updation of the app is key to long term success.

These tips will definitely help you to boost downloads of your app. Got any tips of your own? Have you cracked the million download hurdle? Let us know!

6 mobile app features to captivate Potential customers

6-mobile-app-features-to-captivate-Potential-customers-Mobile phones are crashing the numbers of users worldwide. It has become a necessity in people’s life rather than just a fun. People are fond of mobile apps to simplify and mobilize their works. Mobile apps for business are proven to be time savvy, less pricy, sales booster and engagement creator with customers. If you are an organization or a business tycoon and planning to develop a mobile app, you should keep in mind the various features to include. These features must be able to drive customers & make loyal use of your app otherwise it is of no use. Here you will find some important features you can’t leave out of your mobile strategy.

Informative description to drive purchasing decision
It is an obvious thing that the app should be providing sufficient information to impact a purchase decision. Make sure your app is fully loaded with everything customers need to get convinced and decide to buy. Your offers, reviews and discounts must be updated regularly in your app in order to make people informed either they are inside or outside of yours tore.

Ease of Purchase with phone
Make a purchase easy with your phone let your sales increase effectively. You need to allow customers to make a purchase without carrying and swiping cards in order to trend towards higher sales of your store. Availing purchase without cash and credit cards a better thing but be sure you are providing safe and faster payment to build trust for your brand and earn customer loyalty.

Compensate loyal customers
Let your app help organize customers’ reward points and coupons and allow them to redeem whenever they feel the best and at the right time they choose. In order to drive loyal app use and purchase behavior, the app must track and manage points electronically and effortlessly that helps get rid of physical cards.

Connect with customers directly
Your app should provide the way to connect by means of helping customers 24×7 using their smart phones. Allow your customers to speak directly to your company with the app and provide them a way to rate your products and leave a review. Make the sharing good words about products easy with social sharing buttons in your app.

Delightful user experience
The key point is to provide such a great user experience to bring them back often. This may include reward the use of app and products, surprises with birthday wishes and funny messages, use of push notifications. Try to engage them with your company by delivering loads of value through frequent quality content and regular feature updates.

Smooth use of your app
People prior to use the app providing high-quality experience and work properly with their smart phones. Don’t give them a reason to doubt your brand rather be specific and honest about the features you provide. People will never prefer to download the app without the having four to five stars ratings, always try to achieve such a fame for your app that drives ratings higher.
Constructing an app with inclusive of these features will definitely impact the use of it and help you grow revenue and online visibility in world of smart phones. Begin your journey to create a top rated mobile app with help of these tips. Have you developed an app? Tell us what strategies and features you have included.

Comparison of Mobile Operating Systems

When we want to purchase mobile or better to say smart phones in today’s world, We would like to know the different functionalities, Operating Systems and hardware capability. There are lot of choices and collection available with an advanced technology but at the other hand we feel confusion which OS to be adopt. There are many alternatives available in the market and lots of on the way. Different people have their different opinions depending on these options but here we are going to discuss popular operating systems available in the market.

Below is Google Trends report for comparison of mobile operating systems.


  • Based on the Linux kernel, Android designed primarily for touch-screen mobile devices
  • First launched : 23th September 2008
  • Current Version : Android 4.4
  • Latest version released date : 31st October 2013
  • Programmed in : C (core), C++, Objective C
  • Applications : 7,00,000+
  • Free Applications : Almost all
  • Advantages : Multi tasking, Notification, Full Google, Market
  • Disadvantages : Continues Internet Connection, Advertising, Poor Battery Life
  • Official website :
  • Sales on the basis of Operating System : 79.0%

Apple iOS

  • OS is user-friendly mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc.
  • First launched : 29th June 2007
  • Current Version : 7.0.4
  • Latest Version released date : 14th November 2013
  • Programmed in : C, C++, Objective C
  • Applications : 7,00,000+
  • Free Applications : Almost all
  • Advantages : Camera Function, Folder setting, Spelling check support, Multi Tasking
  • Disadvantages : Semi thread messaging Mail does not support attachment directly
  • Official Website :
  • Sales on the basis of Operating System : 14.2%

Windows Phone Mobile OS

  • Windows phone is a series of proprietary smart phones OS, developed by Microsoft.
  • Launched : 8th Nov. 2010
  • Current Version : Windows 8
  • Latest Version released on : 14th October 2013
  • Programmed in : Windows C, C++
  • Applications : 1,70,000+
  • Free Applications : 50%
  • Advantages : Live Tiles, Office Hub, Xbox Live, Internet Explorer and Many More.
  • Disadvantages : No Bluetooth Audio File Transfer, No system wide File Manager
  • Official Website :
  • Sales on the basis of Operating System : 3.3%

BlackBerry OS

  • BlackBerry OS is a Proprietary mobile OS created by BlackBerry Ltd for its BlackBerry Line of smart phones handheld devices.
  • First Launched : March 2002
  • Current Version : 10.2
  • Latest version released date : 17 October 2013
  • Programmed in : C++
  • Applications : 2,50,000+
  • Free Applications : 50%
  • Advantages : Excellent Connectivity, User Friendly Qwerty keyboards, Excellent Messaging through BM, Yahoo, G talk, Whats app
  • Disadvantages : Poor Battery Life, Poor Camera Quality
  • Official Website :
  • Sales on the basis of Operating system : 2.7%