How-much-will-iOS-7-updates-be-beneficial-to-iphone-usersA very stringent question arises in the minds of iPhone users as the iOS keeps on updating itself at a rapid pace. The recent launch of iOS 7.0.3 came with its own problems for iPhone, iPad and iPod owners. The iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini and iPod touch fifth-generation also got the update with a new look and amazing features but brought some bugs along with it. The day since iOS7 emerged, people are concerned with the bugs in the software and due to that, there has been constant updates in it.

iOS 7.0.2 was brought in the market for managing lock screen issue. As this issue was settled, another one sprung up. And that was of iMessage service and the issue raised by the teachers to monitor the usage of students. Fixes were promised for these issues and were tackled in the latest update of iOS that is iOS 7.0.3.

But the story doesn’t end over here. As soon as this release was made, several complaints were heard from numerous iPhone and iPad owners with Apple’s brand new iOS update. And these users are expecting the release of further updates of iOS 7.0.4 or iOS 7.1. Till now, it has never happened that consequently Apple has released 3 updates in a row. After iOS 6 release, there was a release of iOS 6.1 directly. Apple fixes some of the bugs and iOS x.1 has been the direct update till now, unlike the case in iOS 7.

There is no doubt in stating that iOS 7 is a huge change in the iOS history, being also a software update for mobile devices. When these are put together, you have a cookbook for bugs and that is the main reason for several iOS 7 updates after its release.

iOS 7.1 Update Features

With the arrival of iOS 7.1, there will be many new functionalities on board. It has been the record that every year, Apple loves to use its iOS x.1 updates. They plan some enhancements to iPhone and iPad users, which they can carry over into the new year. A number of issues has been found inside iOS 7.0.3, which means that iPhone and iPad users’ expectations will be tempered. Apple has not at all stopped working on fixes for some of iOS 7′s issues, but it’s rushing for it iOS x.1 release.

Warning for the iPhone-iOS-7 updates

Parallex effect found inside iOS 7 has made people crazy and it is a possibility that many tweaks can be found in iOS 7.1. Calender complaints are also found in it. iOS 7.1 will try to eliminate some of the bugs that iPhone and iPad owners have been complaining about but still, don’t expect to solve every issue with the update. It is nearly impossible that a piece of software will be released that takes care of everything. For example, Wi-Fi issues has been found in iOS 6 and are prevalent in iOS 7 and nothing has been done to solve them.

iOS 7.1 and its further updates may prove to be a fantastic update, but along with that, it should deliver enhancements to features already on board iOS 7.

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