Increase-App-Downoad-in-Android-Play-StoreAndroid users are increasing day by day and use of them as well. Today mobile phones are not just used for communication purposes but they have become need for us. To automate each of our tasks and to have fun in leisure, lots of apps are available. You have also build an app with the design for you’re proud of, app works well on every device you tested, no competition resembles in your niche. Finally your android app is published on play store, is this over? Actually not. We all want our app to be perform well and get numerous downloads. Checking after some days, it seems I tiny number of downloads, why? Let’s have look, what are the strategy you need to implement to maximize downloads of your app.

1. Brief yet impressive description:
Spend enough time in preparing the description for your app as it is going to target the audience worldwide. Write catchy and perceptible description covering every single information about your app. It can be localized in most possible languages. Find most appropriate keywords with your app and try to use them in your description to get into search results.

2. Be honest:
Frankly declare about the permissions your app will be requesting upon installation. Before the users see them, it’s better to be honest form the beginning. You need to specify the functional requirement, OS or platform compatibility to make people before they download.

3. Chronicle video of your app:
Rather making a marketing video, take a time to make 2-3 minutes video that demonstrates the basic work-flow of your app. Show what your app is all about and possible include subtitles for the local language or common international language. It will definitely do wonders to your downloads.

4. Blowout CPI campaigns:
Most of the play store will showcasing first 50 apps on the first page, what about others? If your app is not listing in tops, Making use of CPI campaigns would be proven worth. You will pay a specific amount to your advertiser for each download. This tactic is not for making positive returns, but it will pull you to top 50. The effect will surely your money’s worth.

5. Offers and discounts:
Offer you app for free or with discount for the period of time to make people aware and addicted for your app once after they download. Providing this type of occasional sales, offers and discounts will drive people to download.

6. Analysis users:
After all, you are targeting the users. You need to keep eyes on numbers of active users, their behavior from download to deletion in order to make numbers higher. Multi-app would be a nice option for analysis to give the ability to compare.

7. Real-life images:
Give you users a clean, crisp and professional picture of your app. Try to use real life images that have abilities to convince more compared to screenshots. Yet you can include the the screenshots to guide them how to use.

8. Be social:
This is the obvious step that can’t be missed by you. Let people know about your app by use most popular social networks. Create a Facebook page, twitter account and Google+ page that is totally dedicated to your app. Tweet and share about it especially when you upgrade the app or release a new version.

9. Update your app regularly:
A great way to maximize users or revive the older ones is to provide refresh on regular basis. It helps re-listing and making it in front of potential users. Update apps with new features, graphics, better description, cover images, banners and compatible with updated OS. Regular updation of the app is key to long term success.

These tips will definitely help you to boost downloads of your app. Got any tips of your own? Have you cracked the million download hurdle? Let us know!

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