The current trend is such that there are 4 mobile phones compared to 1 laptop or desktop. People go online through their cell phones more as compared to personal computers. Hence, this is the year by which business owners are in a rush to create and publish mobile friendly content to expand their businesses and this is the reason why designers need to look at the content they need to present on a mobile (or responsive) site.

Many times situations arise in designing where adjustments need to be made for content to be fitted in the design.


Here, we give some easy to follow steps that you can use to shape text content for mobile devices. They are:

1. Textual content can be broken

Our experts take a complete text piece and have the expertise to cut it or end it at specific points so that it can fit to various mobile devices. But this is not as simple as it looks. You need to involve a writer for making your content mobile friendly. It needs to be broken in many formats:

  • You need breakable content that should remain logical whether it be a teaser of 20 words or a mini post of 120 words.
  • There should be breakable headlines and titles, which can be comprise of 2-3 words or it can be made of 2 parts, i.e: “Editing images: Cropping and resizing basics”.
  • Our creative team is also very careful how to break the paragraphs that breaks the content into small and easy to digest paragraphs using bullet points, numbered lists, proper line spacing, informative subheadings and highlighted text.
  • Create breakable stories by creating chunks of text, careful text content construction, so users can decide whether to keep reading or not.

Our content writers build paragraphs extremely carefully & construct the story which can create a smaller, punchier and informative post for a certain device.

2. Keep textual content short and simple

Mobile devices have very small screens compared to desktops and so it becomes tough for users to view long textual content because of which they do not navigate in the whole site and leave it very soon. Make your text content small by putting the most relevant content first and then if you have extra space, go with more information. Important points should be highlighted and big fonts should be used such that users can read the content without having to zoom in.


3. Number of images can be reduced

Avoid adding large contents and replacing content with text as it works only if user wants to view it from desktops and not advisable for mobile content. Extremely large files including images, infographics, graphs, take a huge amount to load on mobile devices having limited bandwidth. Also the large images are difficult to view, scroll and navigate which can irritate your users and will drive them away from your stores.

4. Reduce size of images

Keep one thing in mind that mobile screens do not have the same resolution as personal computers and hence high resolution images on desktops may not fit on mobile devices. The quality of the images can be badly impacted.

5. Flash components should be removed

Compatibility with mobile devices is must and flash animation, video and navigation content are not at all compatible with mobile devices. They work well with desktop devices but on mobile devices they can destroy the user’s experience with the online content. Mobile friendly HTML5 rich media content can be used to create rich media content. Apple and Google has also stopped Flash compatibility in all their devices

6. Make video content more mobile-friendly

Video content is a helpful tool that allows companies to build personal relationships between readers and customers. However flash should not be used for it. Use Custom CSS and HTML5 to resize videos automatically to fit on any device

7. Include mobile plug-ins

People can engage easily with the content of their mobile devices with the plug-ins of mobile devices available on the Internet. One such mobile plug-in is WPTouch used for publishing content on WordPress. hack.

If apart from the above tips, you have any more you can surely tell us about them in the comments. You can also contact us to develop such mobile friendly text content for your site.

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